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i got my app at heroku server through git, now stuff that works on my local php server keeps crashing, BUT - whereas for a crash on localhost a php engine would always give me information about the error, here i just get HTTP500.

For example - if i create empty php where all i do is divide by zero, easyphp gives me warnings\notices, while heroku server does nothing at all - empty page.

Right now the server crashes because of a DB related string( i checked), but all the feedback it gives is HTTP500 error, no details. On localhost this string works. How am i supposed to find out what's the problem? is there a way to get any feedback from heroku server?

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Please work on your accept rate. You've asked a number of questions and never accepted any answers. You'll get more responses with a higher acceptance rate. –  Ben D Oct 8 '12 at 20:18
similarly look at this stackoverflow.com/questions/5994492/heroku-debugging you probably need to change your security/debugging settings but for your PHP app instead –  FlavorScape Oct 8 '12 at 20:28
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Just use heroku logs! Apache should log the actual exception.

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