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I'm creating an Android Barcode Scanner app using PhoneGap with ZXing plugins. Currently, it is able to decode and differentiate all QR code result headers and act accordingly.

For example:

  1. tel:1234567890 launches the phone dialer;
  2. smsto:12345:blablabla launches the messaging app;
  3. geo:111.111,222.222 launches the mapping app;
  4. launches the browser; and etc.

The app is now left with vCard and iCal.

My question is how to launch the "create contact card/form" from the native contact app that is pre-filled with information found in the vCard string (fetched from QR code) and ask if you would like to save the contact? Same goes to iCal that will launch the calendar app pre-filled with information found in the iCal string.

Thanks in advance!

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