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Why can a site (a.com) having an iframe to another domain (b.com) have it's cookie viewed and changed by that other domain document?

Just saw this happening in an Ad, and went to do a proof of concept, and it worked... here's what i did: first, pointed a.com and b.com to my test machine IP.

then i have: http://a.com/a.html (this would be the site where i saw the ad)

<html><body><script src="http://b.com/b.js"></script>

http://b.com/b.js (this would be the ad script inserted inline in the site, pointing to the advertiser company domain)

document.write('<iframe src="http://b.com/b.html"></iframe>');

in http://b.com/b.html:

<html><body><script>document.cookie = "test=1;domain=.a.com;path=/;expires=Tue, 30 Oct 2012 02:47:11 UTC";</script></body></html>

and after i run that, in firefox 14 stock, i have a cookie in a.com.

what governs that? where this behavior is defined?

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This could be related to the "allow third party cookies" setting. In chrome, these cookies come up in separate sections. Can you modify a cookie set in the parent domain in the iframed page?

EDIT: I understand that I was wrong before. Everything below this line I regret.

This cannot be done unless both pages are on the same server. See Mozilla Developer Network.

Your problem is probably that because both pages are on your home computer, both appear to be from the same server.

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the computer serving it doesn't matter to the browser. only the domains/ips the page where requested. But i redid the proof of concept using two different servers with distinct IP just to make sure i'm not going that crazy yet :) –  gcb Mar 13 at 18:22

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