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I have an old FoxPro program which can send reports to my network printer via the LPT1 port but I would like to print a report to a file to document something. Is there a way to capture the LPT1 port and send its documents to a file? I have tried the Paperless Printer, Adobe PDF, and the Microsoft XPS Document Writer but nothing worked.

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Not sure which version you're using, but you could try the SET PRINTER command:

SET PRINTER TO output.txt

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Thanks! That worked and it was really easy. – rsrobbins Oct 10 '12 at 14:05

Assuming you're on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 or 8 you could:

Install a Generic/Text Only printer on the PC, set to print to FILE: Share it. Redirect LPT1 to the share. i.e. at the prompt:

net use lpt1 \mymachine\mysharedprinter /yes

That sometimes works.

If not I would investiate DosBox which is a free MS-DOS emulator designed primarily for old games. This link might get you started.

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DOSBox Megabuild supports printing from DOS applications


Look in the dosbox.conf to set your configuration options. For printing options look in the [parallel] and [printer] sections of this file.

For example I set up a client to print from his DOS application to a printer elsewhere on the network. Works fine.

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