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Access JavaScript Object Literal value in same object

First look at the following JavaScript object

var settings = {

I want to set birthplace value same as country so i put the object value country but it didn't worked for me I used this.country but still failed my question is how to access the property of object within object.

Some users are addicted to ask "what you want to do or send your script etc" the answer for those ppls are simple "I want to access object property within object" and the script is mentioned above.

Thanks in advance

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How's your country var defined? –  Leniel Macaferi Oct 8 '12 at 20:43

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You can't reference an object during initialization when using object literal syntax. You need to reference the object after it is created.

settings.birthplace = settings.country;

Only way to reference an object during initialization is when you use a constructor function.

This example uses an anonymous function as a constructor. The new object is reference with this.

var settings = new function() {
    this.user = "someuser";
    this.password = "password";
    this.country = "Country";
    this.birthplace = this.country;
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You can't access the object inside of itself. You are variable:

var country = "country";
var settings = {
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