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I have 2 tables, one is indexing the other.

I am querying Table#1, and it has one column (string) that has an ID in it that corresponds to a unique row in Table#2. Im trying to write a query in Sqlite that allows me to retrieve the value from Table#2 if the column value in Table#1 is not an empty string.

Kinda like:

"SELECT TMake,TModel,TTrim,IYear,[%q] AS TPart1 FROM AppGuide WHERE TPart1 != ''"

But instead of retrieving the Index value (TPart1) Id like to get the string from Table#2.

Is this possible?

Any help is appreciated.

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You could use a correlated subquery:

       (SELECT stringvalue
        FROM Table2
        WHERE Table2.ID = Table1.TPart1)
FROM Table1
WHERE Table1.TPart1 != ''

However, these are rather slow to execute, so you'd better use a join (this returns exactly the same result):

SELECT Table1.TMake,
FROM Table1 LEFT JOIN Table2 ON Table1.TPart1 = Table2.ID
WHERE Table1.TPart1 != ''

If you don't want to get records from Table1 that have no matching Table2 record, drop the LEFT.

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