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I have read some articles about text API in canvas being slow in browsers. These articles are a year old, was there some improvement over this time? Does for example Google use canvas Text API in its Google Maps MapsGL?

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Why don't you test them? – BoltClock Oct 8 '12 at 20:49

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I profiled this on my site recently using fillText() and strokeText():


  1. 157.1ms Safari 5.1.7
  2. 215.8ms Chrome v21
  3. 210.6ms Chrome v22
  4. 426.1ms IE 9 (64bit)
  5. 994.5ms FireFox 15.0.1 994.


  1. 196.6ms Chrome v21
  2. 193.0ms Chrome v22
  3. 3793.1ms IE 9 (64bit)
  4. 6149.0ms FireFox 15.0.1
  5. 9628.8ms Safari 5.1.7

Yes, I think slow but really browser dependent. Test test code there and you can run it yourself but actually, FF may time out waiting for test to complete.

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Looking at Google Maps GL, one can see that it uses a file called,mod_util,mod_vt%7D.js

In that, there are indeed calls to fillText(), there are 6 instances of "fillText" in the file.

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Thanks, I have also replicated test: and it looks, that at least Chrome is now better with font caching. – Ondra Oct 8 '12 at 21:03
My test here: – Ondra Oct 8 '12 at 21:05
Good article, bookmarked - thank-you! The js code used for the maps is larger than I've the inclination(or brain-power) to examine just now. It wouldn't surprise me if they used this trick. I didn't think to check how many times the code creates a canvas. Though simply blitting pixels should always be faster than drawing text - unless of course there is a hardware-text capability. I've seen similar advice regarding copying images from 1 canvas to another, rather than drawing an <img> to a canvas. Rep++ for the link. – enhzflep Oct 8 '12 at 21:39

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