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When I open fancybox I'm getting two different displays. This happens across all browsers I've tested - one is fine and sized correctly (the example on the left of my image below) and the second is stretched to 100%. I've cleared cache and checked on different machines - and I keep getting both results. Is there a way I can insure that fancybox is never wider than 700px.

Picture of issue

In the jquery.fancybox.js file I have the following:

defaults: {
  padding : 15,
  margin  : 20,
  width     : 800,
  height    : 600,
  minWidth  : 100,
  minHeight : 100,
  maxWidth  : 700,
  maxHeight : 800,

Please assist as this is driving me crazy :-)

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got a link? it would be much easier – JFK Oct 15 '12 at 1:01

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