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I have built a binary 'foo'. I now want the executable to be a linked to a dynamic library 'bar'. How can I link foo to bar?(using ld or any other way). I don't want to use DYLIB_INSERT_PATHon OSX or its equivalent LD_PREOAD on Linux.

I want to do this on OSX, but this question is a generic one.

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What's your intention?

The link process resolves symbols: it provide satisfactions to needs.

If the executable doesn't need any symbols offers by the dynamic library, the linker will entirely discard it.

You may replace a dynamic library by another one but you can't resolve a need when it doesn't exists.

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For e.g. If I modify a reference to a function to use the version in the library I want to provide instead of a default library. – varrunr Oct 9 '12 at 1:49

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