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I have a multiple activity app - MainActivity, CpuActivity, etc. My CpuActivity has fragments that have savedInstanceState. Whenever I press back or navigate up to the MainActivity the CpuActivity is killed and the savedInstanceState is lost. Is it possible to keep the saved data/activity in the background or do I need to use some kind of temporary storage (e.g. SharedPreferences)?

The data should only be stored until the whole app is killed, so is there any system better than SharedPreferences?

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As far as I know you are not allowed to have apps running in the background without the system to finish your activities when memory is needed. So I suggest you have a look at some sort of storage for your data. – Daniel Oct 8 '12 at 21:23
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A simple solution is to store the data in your application instance. To do that you have to specify an Application implementation in the manifest (the android:name attribute in the application tag). You can get the application using the getApplication() method.

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