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I'm trying to put a file link with a partial render, something like this:

#Main haml file
= render :partial => 'file_upload', :locals => {:f => f, :file_download => 'residence_cert'}
#Inside the partial
%a{:href => @postulant_info[file_download]}

But this is making a link just with the file name, not the full path to the file. Then realized that @postulant_info[file_download] is just giving me a String with the file name, not the carrierwave object

-logger.debug @postulant_info.residence_cert #this is returning my carrierwave object -> 'DocumentUploader'
-logger.debug @postulant_info['residence_cert'] #but this one is just returning a String, the DB record with the file name

One solution could be put the url in the render as a local like = render :partial => 'file_upload', :locals => {:f => f, :file_download => 'residence_cert', :url => @postulant_info.residence_cert.url} but I think "should" be unnecessary when you have the attribute name inside the partial template.
Any thought would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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At last I could achieve it with:

%a{:href => @postulant_info.send(file_download)}
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I'm extremely uncertain about what your problem exactly is, and what you're trying to achieve, but if you want to output a link to a file, in your partial then

%a{:href => @postulant_info.residence_cert.url}

is enough. @postulant_info.residence_cert will give you an instance of the uploader (DocumentUploader), and the #url method returns the complete url of the uploaded file

By the way, you should avoid using instance var in your partials, the only variables a partial should use are the it's been given.

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But my problem is that the template I'm gonna use it with another attributes besides residence_cert. I need a generic way to do it –  Alter Lagos Oct 15 '12 at 14:20

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