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In my JavaScript I have three Links. The second link is open depends upon the first link id selected. Everything works fine. But After selecting the second link, if i want to change the first link, the second link is still opens for the old id.If I want to change the first link, all the fields should change and opens as per the first link.

 var generic_lookup_Enr_Rds_Section2009_selected = function(id, to_s) {
      var question_link = $('#question_picker').attr('href');
      question_link = question_link.replace(/\?+$/, '');
      question_link = question_link + '?columns[enr_rds_section_id]=' + id;
      $('#question_picker').attr('href', question_link);


  var generic_lookup_Enr_Rds_Question2009_selected = function(id, to_s) {
      var answer_link = $('#answer_picker').attr('href');
      answer_link = answer_link.replace(/\?+$/, '');
      answer_link = answer_link + '?columns[enr_rds_question_id]=' + id;
      $('#answer_picker').attr('href', answer_link);


<div class="question">
      <%= f.label :Section %>
      <%= link_to pro_generic_lookup_data_path("Enr::Rds::Section2009", format: :js), data: {remote: true} do %>
        <%= image_tag("Search-icon.gif", border: 0, :alt => "Look up Sections", title: 'Lookup Sections') %>
      <% end %>

  <div class="question">
      <%= f.label :Question %>
      <%= link_to pro_generic_lookup_data_path("Enr::Rds::Question2009", format: :js), data: {remote: true}, id: "question_picker" do %>
        <%= image_tag("Search-icon.gif", border: 0, :alt => "Look up Questions", title: 'Lookup Questions', :class => "image_section_search") %>
      <% end %>
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Where's the corresponding HTML? And, what exactly is the question? – jfriend00 Oct 8 '12 at 21:46
Can you condense your code to the minimum where you seem to face the problem? – Sushanth -- Oct 8 '12 at 21:47
Hi I edited and condensed. My problem is field question is open depends upon the section selected. With this code its working fine. But after I select the section and question, if i want to change the section again, the question got the previous id of section and opens only for that id. not for the new. – Vinay Oct 8 '12 at 21:50
Can you not add an EventListener to the first <select> and have the contents of the second one reload based on the selection? – Callum McLean Oct 8 '12 at 21:53
ok, here's a quick example on how to handle the click event within a group of divs. this is just a simple pattern, with no production-ready qualities, but it should get you – chrisvillanueva Oct 8 '12 at 22:50
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Solved it by Javascript using cascading dropdown function by example. Thanks guys.

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