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I'm having a setInterval AS3 problem.Let me explain: I'm making a game with a timer, lets for example give its instance, timer1.every 500 milliseconds timer1 moves to left 25 times (timer1.x-=25) and when timer1 hitTests finish1 (if(timer1.hitTestObject(finish1))) it goes to the you lose scene.and you have to replay the level.When I hit replay and enter the scene the speed increases in the setInterval by double and if I lose again, triple and so on.How do fix this? It's very important that I have it fixed soon.thanks

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Just a thought... Maybe you should call clearInterval() and pass the id of your initial interval that you can get as a return from setInterval() call. This would prevent duplicated action. – skovalyov Oct 8 '12 at 22:01
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Sounds like multiple instances of timer1 are continuing to run.

1 instance of timer1 runs at original speed.

2 instances of timer1 runs at double speed. etc.

Ensure that the original timer1 is stopped, deleted or killed off before changing scene.

You may want to reference the function clearInterval.

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