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In the following environment:


-Windows 7 64bit

-Microsoft Silverlight 5 SDK

I have created a few lightswitch applications in VS2012 but I am running into an error when attempting to create a new one or open an existing lightswitch project. I receive a pop-up that says "unable to find a version of silverlight developer runtime installed".

There is a link on the pop-up which starts a download but after downloading it, I still receive the same error.

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I was able to fix the issue by doing the following :

  • I went into "Uninstall a program" and noticed that I had 4 different Silverlight related items installed.

    • Microsoft Silverlight

    • Microsoft Silverlight SDK3

    • Microsoft Silverlight SDK4
    • Microsoft Silverlight SDK5

I just uninstalled the first item, "Microsoft Silverlight" then reinstalled the appropriate (32 or 64 bit) Microsoft Silverlight SDK5 from the following link: .

Don't use the link that is given in VS 2012. Doesn't work.

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I have a slight different solution for Visual Studio 2010. After uninstall the current Silverlight Runtime, I got it to work if I download it from Visual Studio suggested url.

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I have Visual Studio 2010 as well, and SDeezy's solution for VS2012 did not work for me, but this did the trick. – skrii Mar 27 '13 at 9:16

The best way I have found to find the most current Silverlight 5 Developer Runtime or End-User Runtime, is to search the downloads for the latest Silverlight bits. All other suggestions seem to take you on a wild goose chase depending on what version of Visual Studio or OS you are using.

Search Microsoft Downloads

Just look for the latest "Security Update for Microsoft Silverlight" entry.

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The Silverlight Security Update KB2890788 is what fixed it for me, after trying uninstall and re-install without success.

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