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I'm making an hour planning with jquery selectable.

The idea is simple: multiple selections possible. if clicked, hour is toggled on/off. if shift is pressed, fields turn red & are destroyed.


$(function() {
    $("#selectable").bind("mousedown", function(event) {
        event.metaKey = true;
        selecting: function() {
            if (event.shiftKey == 1) {
        stop: function() {
            $(this).find('td.ui-selected.destroy').removeClass('ui-selected potential');
    $("td.ui-state-default").click(function() {

See live example: http://studentify-static-pages.s3.amazonaws.com/calendar.html

Now. I cant seem to get the simple click right. Probably because im binding it before. Desired behavior: simple click (so 0 lasso) toggles ui-select.

Any hints? Thanks.

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Try this

$("ui-selectee ").on('click','td.ui-state-default' ,function() {

Delegating the event to its parent

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thanks, but unfortunately that didnt do the trick either.. i've tried it with the .ui-selectee as well, didnt work. <tbody> does change classes though. –  Maurice Kroon Oct 10 '12 at 10:45

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