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How can I add a badge icon to a row in a table view? An example of this would be the mail app in iOS where the inbox row has a badge icon showing you the number of unread messages? Thanks!

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TDBadgedCell is a good solution for this requirement.

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thanks! it's perfect ;) –  WayWay Oct 9 '12 at 21:51

You will have to create it yourself as there are no template cells for this. Luckily its very simple, create a custom cell with a styled label for the number and update it in cellForRowAtIndexPath: based on the information in your model object.

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Either create a custom tableViewCell with a UILabel as a subview in it, or add the UILabel to a cell's contentView.

I would recommend creating your own (custom) tableViewCell though.

To get the badge shape for your label, you can play with 'cornerRadius' to get a round shape, and set the backgroundColor, textColor and borderWidth, and borderColor. Once you get the unreadCount, just assign it to your customCell's badgeLabel's text property.

Simple as that !

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