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for i in range(n):  

I want x to have attached i values, is this possible without making a list?

For example, if n == 3, and I input a, b, then c, I want:

x(n-1) == b
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Why don't you want to just create a list? –  Andy Hayden Oct 8 '12 at 22:24

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you can use dict, if you're not willing to use lists:

In [81]: x={}

In [82]: for i in range(3):
   ....:     x[i+1]=input()

In [83]: x
Out[83]: {1: 'a', 2: 'b', 3: 'c'}

In [84]: x[3]
Out[84]: 'c'

otherwise if our inputs are going to be only one character long ,then you can use a string too.

In [85]: x=''

In [86]: for i in range(3):
   ....:     x += input()

In [87]: x
Out[87]: 'abc'

In [88]: x[2]     # here index starts at 0th position
Out[88]: 'c'
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