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how are Arabic diacritics as described on this wiki sorted? I will say:

1 Tashkil (marks used as phonetic guides)
1.1 Harakat (short vowel marks)
1.1.1 Fatḥah
1.1.2 Kasrah
1.1.3 Dammah
1.1.4 Maddah
1.1.5 Dagger alif
1.1.6 Alif waslah
1.1.7 Sukun
1.2 Tanwin (final postnasalized or long vowels)
1.3 Shaddah (consonant gemination mark)

Are the rules for sorting these diacritics in every language using Arabic script the same? If not, what are the sorting rules for Urdu, Kashmiri and Sindhi?

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I don't know why (non arabic)programmers should know this. this could be defined as build in, in a programming language but this could also be wrong. Better ask this question in a arabic specific board. sorry I don't know one. –  Simulant Oct 8 '12 at 23:03
Please specify. Do you want to know the Unicode collation rules for harakat? Some other collation rules? If the former, see www.unicode.org. –  bmargulies Oct 9 '12 at 1:15

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