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I need to find short url in the text post in java. I have the following regex expression "(http://(bit\.ly|t\.co|lnkd\.in|tcrn\.ch).*?)\s"

I have 2 questions

  1. The problem with the above expression is it doesn't match the short url if it is at the end of line. ex For text "blah http://linkd.in/R9Msf3 blah" gives "http://linkd.in/R9Msf3 "

    But blah blah http://linkd.in/R9Msf3 does not gives "http://linkd.in/R9Msf3"

    Any suggestions how to match both patterns ? Basically I just need to replace the short url out of the text.

  2. Also is there a better way to get all the short url format? If I hard code it then everytime I would have to add a new format to the config.

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Are you only going to get shortUrls or is it possible you'll get normal urls? –  gtgaxiola Oct 8 '12 at 22:53

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Instead of .* use \S* to avoid matching whitespace. You don't need the ? and you can use \b instead of \s to match the boundary between the end of the url and whitespace or end of string.

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this works .. ty :) –  aanchal jain Oct 9 '12 at 20:20
I am unable to accept .. it gives me error. :( –  aanchal jain Oct 11 '12 at 23:12

Try (\s|$) at the end of your REGEX

so http://(linkd\.in|t\.co|bitly\.co|tcrn\.ch).*?(\s|$)

Tested with RegexPal

enter image description here

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