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I am currently working on a win 8 app.

And for one my of dialogs I want to include checkbox for "don't show me this message again". I looked at the msdn documentation for Windows.UI.Popups but could not find the information I want.

How do I include a checkbox? Thanks!

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This is not possible -- the built in MessageDialog class doesn't provide for that level of customization. You will need to build your own flyout based control.

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Thanks! Right now, I am just gonna use the default dialog and work on customizing one later on. –  chc1201 Oct 9 '12 at 21:44

You can't add new elements in the MessageDialog

If you use HTML5/javascript app. You can make you own "Windows Store" dialog style. With CSS and to place a checkbox, use this code:

<input type="checkbox">value</input>
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