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Hi the following is my java method

public static void csvReport(String date) throws Exception
    request.format = "xlsx";
    renderArgs.put(RenderExcel.RA_ASYNC, true);
    renderArgs.put("results", currentResults.values());
    renderArgs.put("date", date);

Then My view looks like

<jx:forEach items="${results}" var="result">                    
${result.simpleName}    ${result.version}   ${result.registerCount} ${result.uniqueAccess}  ${result.totalAccess}   ${result.updateCount}

But when I run this, I get a NullPointerException due to a parse failure at item attribute which says Open quote at the attribute.

Any ideas?

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Can you post the full stacktrace? –  ct_ Oct 9 '13 at 18:28
I had a similar problem with jxls. For some reason, the character " (open quote) in OpenOffice doesn't fit with jxls. I simply changing it for 'the same character' from a text editor (copy&paste) –  Trauco Mar 25 at 14:27
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