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I have an app which loads a boatload of images and displays them in a TableLayout which is inside a ScrollView. At run time I get the width of the layout parent and use that to determine how many images can go in each TableRow (all of the images are of a set size).

I'm concerned about memory issues when loading more and more images. I know ListView recycles its views but I don't know how to dynamically change number of views in each item. I am only aware of inflating XML which isn't going to change the number of views per item at run time.

So my question is what is easier - figuring out how to recycle views in my table by myself, or making a list's items change based on screen size? Just a link to a tutorial on how to do whichever is easier is good enough an answer for me.

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You can Add imageviews using java code instead of inflating it everytime. Use getView method accordingly. – Frank Costello Oct 9 '12 at 0:59
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I suggest you to use ListView with the ViewHolder approach (you can see it here: How to load the Listview "smoothly" in android).

The ListView, when scrolled, removes the views that are no more visible and gets the views that are about to become visible. This way, it's better than using a ScrollView and a TableLayout.

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Thats the info I was looking for. Thank you. – AC Arcana Oct 9 '12 at 0:46

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