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I'm currently preparing to start work on a new project to learn best practices on integrating JSF2 , Hibernate and DI (in form of Guice).

I've set my aim on JSF2 (myfaces) for presentation layer and Hibernate 4.1 for the Database layer (ORM).

Typically before i had ever used ORM i would settle for following Pattern of creating Backbean, BDI, BD,BO,DTO and DAO folder structure in the project where:

  • The application backbeans methods go into Backbean Folder
  • the Interfaces go into BDI folder
  • Implementation of Interfaces go into BD folder
  • classes in BO are used to Call upper layer DAO classes
  • DAO classes is where all the JDBC stuff is done.

Hibernate Question:

With intention to integrate Hibernate do i need to get rid of DAO and make calls to HibernateDAO directly from BO? OR use DAO but instead of calling JDBC use Hibernate to interact with SQL?

DI (Guice) question:

I had previously been using classes such as "DeligateFactory" and "ServiceFactory" as a way of promoting lose coupling in my code so for example:

    public Interface UserBDI {

        public User userAuth();

    //implementation of the interface
    public class UserBD implements UserBDI {

        public UserBD() {};

        //do something here
        public User userAuth() {...};

    //Deligate Factory
    public class DeligateFactory{

        public DeligateFactory(){}

        public static UserBDI CreateUserBD() {
            UserBDI bdObj = new UserBD();
            return bdObj;

    //some backbean
    public class homePage {
        public homePage(){}

        public authUSer(){
            userBD bdOBJ = DeligateFactory.CreateUserBD();

            User u = new User();

            u = bdObj.userAuth(u);


I understand the concept of DI is to eliminate tight coupling of interface implementation used in your code so if I am "integrating" DI into my project, am i simply getting rid of all the DeligateFactory/ServiceFactory methods and instead use DI to do this for me? Are there any other benefits?

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