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I have three Tables A, B, and AB. AB table is a relationship table. So AB_AUD table has abID as PK, and aId, bID, Revision Info. I ve got list of 'bIds' and would like to retreive audit data from AB_AUD table using the list. My code block is

AuditQuery query = auditReader.createQuery()

                .forRevisionsOfEntity(AB.class, false, true)

This throws exception :couldnnot resolve property of bId. Even I tried equating with single bId to retrieve audit data for a single bId which threw same exception. I would like to know if there is any mistake in the code. For now I am doing a for loop to retrieve data like this:

for (B b : listofB's) {

AuditQuery query = auditReader.createQuery()

             .forRevisionsOfEntity(AB.class, false, true)


Which runs sql query for every B, which isnt a good way.

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If your property name is b then why are you using bId in the query. Update the query to use b as below:

            .forRevisionsOfEntity(AB.class, false, true)

This should work.

share|improve this answer"b").in(istofB's) didn't work ,I feel comparing property b to a list of objects is causing error. Generating sql query based on bId should also retrieve audit data as bId is the column in AB table.Please advise. – shashdr Oct 9 '12 at 16:19
Desn't sound right. Did you still get error saying property b undefined? – Yogendra Singh Oct 9 '12 at 17:06

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