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Is there a way to turn a jpg to string, reverse of imagecreatefromstring?
I have to communicate to a server which needs binary of image, i saw plenty of jpg to binary but not the other way around.

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imagecreatefromstring takes a string which contains the binary data of an image and turns it into a gd image resource so you can manipulate it with the gd image library. Literally the "reverse" of that would be imagejpeg, which saves a gd image resource to a jpeg image.

I guess what you really want though is simply the initial string, which contains the binary data of the image to begin with. I.e.:

  1. $imageString = file_get_contents('image.jpg');
  2. $gd = imagecreatefromstring($imageString);

Just skip step 2.

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Just a shot in the dark here... No real experience with this, just my thoughts after looking through some documentation...

I see in the documentation of imagecreatefromstring() an example is given where a base64 encoded string is converted into an image. Taking that example and flipping it around might just be what you are looking for.

$image = file_get_contents('image_file.jpg');
$imageString = base64_encode($image); 
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