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As I find myself developing a pretty complex MVC-based CMS in PHP. I did create an "update" system but I've heard so much about git and SVN so I have spent a few hours trying to figure out how to do this with aptana studio.

I'm using though. I added my repo thing and I go ahead and "Push" my project. It asks for my password: I type it in. Then I get the error: error: src refspec master does not match any. error: failed to push some refs to 'https.//'

Maybe I have to use github and not bitbucket?

Anyway. Thanks in advance.

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The first push needs to establish a link between your local master and a remote repo (generally called 'origin')

As mentioned in "Getting git working in aptana on Ubuntu", go to a git command-line and type:

git push -u origin master

Then all your subsequent push from Aptana will work.

Note: that supposes that you have added and committed at least once.
If your repo has just been initialized, there is no commit, and no 'master' branch yet.

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Thanks for your help. I actually switched over to using git and I got it working. Kinda difficult still though. I need to do some more reading on how to use it efficiently. I kinda managed to create 2 branches and work off in another direction and then switch back. A bit daunting at first but oh well. Cheers! – Petter Thowsen Oct 11 '12 at 23:04

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