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I'm trying to follow the instructions on http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/50056/Read-M4A-tags-in-C to host the QuickTime control in a Windows Forms project. I'm using VS2010 with C#.

I've added all the available Apple QuickTime COM references to my project but I don't see the QuickTime control listed in the Toolbox.

In several examples online, people are using AxQTOControlLib.AxQTControl qtPlayerObj = new AxQTOControlLib.AxQTControl(); to initialize the control. In my project, I only have QTOControlLib, not AxQTOControlLib.

I've done this a bunch of times with other controls. Am I missing something?


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You can right click on your ToolBox select Choose Items then select the Com Components Tab. You then will want to look for Apple QuickTime Control 2.0 and select it. When you Click Ok you will then have the Control in your ToolBox.

enter image description here

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This solved it! Thanks! – simon.d Oct 9 '12 at 18:21
@Simon You're welcome, glad to be of help – Mark Hall Oct 9 '12 at 18:59

Try this, Open a console and browse to the location of QTOControlLib. Run AxImp.exe with QTOControlLib.dll as an argument. It should generate the AxInterop which you would then reference in your project.

PS: If you have already added QTOControlLib.dll to the toolbox, add a temporary windows form and drag the control on to the form. Visual studio should automatically generate the AxInterop. If this does not work try the above mentioned solution.

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