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I need to rotate an image clockwise only just once after a certain operation. I felt so lazy to include rotating logic to my current image operations class then I come with this idea. What I need is already built within windows explorer, so is it possible to trigger windows explorer's rotate operations within a c# application for a valid file specified?

I have doubts that I can't access to that kind of functionality but I wanted to ask to make sure.


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You're better off not relying on the feature since it is not part of the API and can disappear at any time. You should just do your own image rotation.

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I don't think its possible to do it with Windows Explorer's integrated photo rotating, but you should check out the awesome image editing/processing library called ImageMagick. The original API is a native windows (dll) API, but there is a good .NET wrapper that is easy to use.

Here it is:

There are also wrappers for two dozen or so other languages, linked at ImageMagick's site:

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