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I am running a website in Codeigniter framework. I am using postgresql. I went through APPFOG documentation. But it is not clear to me how I configure postgres database . Where do I host the database? How do I make database updates?

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Database.php inside application/config, replace the lines,

$db['default']['hostname'] = '<ur hostname>';
$db['default']['username'] = '<ur db username>';
$db['default']['password'] = '<ur db password>';
$db['default']['database'] = '<ur db name>';


$VCAP_SERVICES_json = json_decode($VCAP_SERVICES, true);
$VCAP_SERVICES_postgresql_config = $VCAP_SERVICES_json["postgresql-9.1"][0]["credentials"];
$db['default']['hostname'] = $VCAP_SERVICES_postgresql_config['hostname'];
$db['default']['username'] = $VCAP_SERVICES_postgresql_config['user'];
$db['default']['password'] = $VCAP_SERVICES_postgresql_config['password'];
$db['default']['database'] = $VCAP_SERVICES_postgresql_config['name'];

That would take care of database connectivity. for making updates use af tunnel.

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