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I'm using Eclipse ast/jdt as is explained in this post - How can I use the java Eclipse Abstract Syntax Tree in a project outside Eclipse? (ie not an eclipse plugin)

The problem is that I always get null when I tried to use resolveBinding(), and it's because of not using setProject(IJavaProject) or setEnvironment(String[], String[], String[], boolean), as is written in this post - VariableDeclarationFragment node resolveBindind() returns null in eclipse/jdt/ast

Solving the returning null issue, I tried to use the code but ended up getting an error saying Workspace is closed.

What might be wrong?

enter image description here

I have .project file in the my workspace

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
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You're not in a Plug-In/Bundle Runtime, so the org.eclipse.core.resources plug-in wasn't "started". Initialization of the Workspace and associated objects only happens then. You'll have to call the start() method on ResourcesPlugin yourself--not that I'm promising that'll solve everything, or that that's not going to cause you other problems.

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Could you elaborate? Or, could you give me some links to understand how to do it? – prosseek Oct 9 '12 at 17:14
It's complaining that the workspace is closed. Have you tried calling Workspace#open()? – nitind Oct 9 '12 at 19:22

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