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I am new to using C++ and haven't been able to resolve this issue for quite some time. The code is giving me exc_bad_access(at some_list.size()) error when I run it on Xcode which is using gcc version 4.2.1 (LLVM build 2336.11.00). However, I am able to run it fine when running it from command line using g++.

I have only one more compiler option on XCode, LLVM GCC 4.2, which also throws the same error when I try to run the code.

EDIT: sample line in the txt file looks like this "1'\t'2,3'\t'200,109'\t'10, 30'\0'"

    struct data {
        int head;
        int weight;

    struct node {
        int vertex;
        list<data> edge;

    void ReadGraphs(string path, list<node> & v) {
        char buff[1000];
        char* pch;
        node currNode;
        data currData;
        list<data> _edge;
        list<node> _v;
        int n = 0, m = 0;
        list<data>::iterator id; 

        ifstream myfile;

        cout << "Size of graph " << v.size() << "size of list " << _edge.size() << endl;

        if (myfile.is_open()) {
            cout << "File exists!" << endl; 

            while(!myfile.eof()) {
                myfile.getline(buff, 1000);
                pch = strtok(buff, ",\t\r");
                //if new vertex start a new node
                currNode.vertex = atoi(pch);

                pch = strtok(NULL, ",\t\r");
                while(pch != NULL) {
                    currData.head = atoi(pch);
                    n = max(n, atoi(pch));
                    pch = strtok(NULL, ",\t\r");
                    currData.weight = atoi(pch);
                    if(pch != NULL)
                        pch = strtok(NULL, ",\t\r");
                cout << currNode.vertex << endl;

                currNode.edge = _edge;
                for(id = currNode.edge.begin(); id != currNode.edge.end(); id++) 
                    cout << id->head << "\t" << id->weight << endl;
                cout << "Size of graph " << v.size() << endl;
                //cout << currVtx << "\t" << atoi(pch) << endl;

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Yes, but not unless we see some code. It's a near-absolute-certainty that the problem lies in your code (which has been tested by one person, probably not that thoroughly) rather than your compiler, probably tested by millions :-) –  paxdiablo Oct 9 '12 at 3:11
added the code. And I agree with you. Error is most likely with my code. But then I ran the code on few other computers too and it was running fine. –  user1730294 Oct 9 '12 at 15:04
i found the problem. with gcc I need -l stdc++ option while compiling. So, now I am able to compile the code with gcc also on command line but it still doesnt work on Xcode(it still has linker problem I specified above :() –  user1730294 Oct 10 '12 at 3:11

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