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I am trying to spin a CCSprite in Cocos2D but it is hard to explain in words so here is a GIF of the animation I am trying to achieve: http://max.wilsonsd.org:8080/Clip_Art/Pmpa3/symbols/miscellaneous/peace_sign_spinning_hw.gif

Anyway it is a 360 degree spin but not in a clockwise or counter-clockwise way. Anyway how would I achieve this in Cocos2D?


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That effect is called flip, try with the CCFlipX/CCFlipX3D actions. For example

[sprite runAction:[CCRepeatForever actionWithAction:[CCFlipX3D actionWithDuration:1.0]]]

Good luck!

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You may have to change CCDirector projection to 3D in cocos2d 2.0. It defaults to 2D projection which means some or all 3D actions don't display correctly. –  LearnCocos2D Oct 9 '12 at 19:24

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