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Is there a way that I could apply a custom style for an PreferenceActivity, which will inherit from Theme.Sherlock.Light or Theme.Light and keep the dark style for the preferenceDialog and AlertDialogs? Can I easily exclude dialogs from applying light style? if no which attributes should I set and what are the parameters of the default colors used in dividers, text active, inactive, titles and subtitles etc. in light theme? Thanks.

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I solved it by changing the activity theme to light and then I set programmatically the theme of the alert dialog to the one of the dark, built in android styles:


Since PreferenceDialog inherits from Dialog it also set this theme to all PreferenceDialogs. To be more specific and add a style to a particular dialog you can use ContextThemeWrapper as used in in android source:

builder = new AlertDialog.Builder(new ContextThemeWrapper(this,
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