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by this command i get

<label id=​"labelforclientname">​
                Client name
<label id=​"labelforphysical">​
<label id=​"labelforpostal">​
<label id=​"labelfortele">​
                Telephone No 
<label id=​"labelforfax">​
                Fax No
<label id=​"labelformail">​
<label id=​"labelforaddress">​
                Address to :

that is all the label in my form

now i want to access each label id. is it possbile in dojo ?

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2 Answers 2

If you just want an array with ids then map() is the most straightforward way:

// map
var ids1 = dojo.query('label').map(function(label) {

or use forEach:

// forEach
var ids2 = [];
dojo.query("label").forEach(function(label) {
    // do whatever you need with a label here

See it in action at jsFiddle:

dojo/query returns dojo/NodeList which is an array-like object which adds syntactic sugar for chaining. You can use many of its methods, like filter, style, toggleClass etc. For additional details see Using dojo/query and NodeList Extensions tutorials.

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You can also get access to the labels with this way:

require(["dojo/dom"], function(dom){
    // fetch a node by id="someNode"
    var node = dom.byId("someNode");
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