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I was thinking the fastest way of building a string with a fill char.define a function:

fillString('A',12); // return 'AAAAAAAAAAAA'

A simple loop could do this, but it's not very fast if I want to fill millions characters.

Is this the fastest way of combining string in actionscript?


If so, the first you need to build an array first,that would consume too much space.

Once I was thinking a stringbuffer class but I think it would be slower than using String directly.

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Please tell me if the syntax is correct or I need to fix something to make the answer consistent. – Serge Oct 9 '12 at 6:13
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This is probably not the correct actionscript syntax, but you should get the idea:

public function fillString(filler:String, count:integer):String {
    var result:String = filler;
    while (result.length <= count/2)
        result += result;
    return result+result.substr(0,count-result.length);
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Regarding the fastest way to join strings, this article has some benchmarks:

Basically, just using bigString = stringA + stringB does the job, but it is possible to get some speed improvement using a ByteArray trick.

By the way, is a great source for getting solid scientific data about AS3 performance in general.

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