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How can i multipy functions inside the scroll loop?

I have:

$(window).scroll(function() {
b1Center = $("#block-1").offset().top - ( $(window).height() - divHeight )/2;
b1Bottom = $("#block-1").offset().top - $(window).height()
b1Top = $("#block-1").offset().top + divHeight;
if(getScrollTop() > b1Bottom && getScrollTop() < b1Top){
$("#block-1 .txt").css('marginTop', ( (getScrollTop()) *(1.6)) + 'px');

That needs to be inside scroll function redy all the time and i have the same block for all buttons so:


Hope this will make more sense.

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Try this:

    var divHeight = 700;
    $(window).scroll(function() {
            var this = $(this),
                Center = $(this).offset().top - ( $(window).height() - divHeight )/2,
                Bottom = $(this).offset().top - $(window).height(),
                Top = $(this).offset().top + divHeight;
            if(getScrollTop() > Bottom && getScrollTop() < Top){
                this.find('.txt').css('marginTop', ( (getScrollTop()) *(1.6)) + 'px');
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As this is parallax then it wount work because the scoll will scroll all the windows at the same time and then there is no content in the window if i scroll there –  user1709407 Oct 9 '12 at 5:53

Put this inside your .scrollTop() loop:

$('.block').each(function  () {
    var this_block = $(this);
    this_block.whateverFunction(you, want, to, do);

Make sure to use the class of the button rather than the id...

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