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Getting an error in C# Visual studio and there doesnt seem to be any clear-to-the-point answer to this question on line.

When i want to add mscorlib i get this error message

A reference to 'mscorlib' could not be added. This component is automatically referenced by the project system and cannot be referenced directly.

but .EnuerateFiles() needs that library.

Why Would this message show when one want to add a specific reference? ?

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MSDN is good place to solve such misteries -DirectoryInfo.EnumerateFiles clearly show that it is supported by 4.0 and 4.5 versions of .Net.

You are trying to link against 2.0 (or maybe something like 3.0/3.5) and do not have such function. Erro clearly says that you can't add the assembly to the project since it is always referenced automatically for correct version of runtime.

To be able to use new EnumerateFile you need to build agains 4.0+ , or write code without that function.

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aw... Damn... Yea im running against 3.5 Well that sucks. Thank you. –  Ruan Oct 9 '12 at 5:13

EnumerateFiles require .NET 4 or later. I think you are building your solution targetting .NET Framework 3.5 or earlier.

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You already have a reference to mscorlib, otherwise you wouldn't be able to see the DirectoryInfo or Directory types.

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