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I am trying to upload my files on aws s3 using ruby on rails. Code is working great for smaller upload but for uploads greater than 3-4mb, i get timeout error. I am uploading files on s3 using code:

AWS::S3::S3Object.store(filename, params[:file].read, @BUCKET_NAME, :access => :private)

How can i resolve my issue for larger uploads. Can i increase the timeout interval time for ruby scripts for allowing larger uploads?

Please help...

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Assuming you are using: aws-s3 gem

When you are dealing with large files you have to use I/O stream, so that file is read in segments.

Instead you might use something like this:

S3Object.store('roots.mpeg', open('roots.mpeg'), @BUCKET_NAME, :access => :private)

More details can be found: http://amazon.rubyforge.org/

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Thanks for reply. I tried this approach also even then, ruby script timeout error is coming. –  Rajat Oct 9 '12 at 6:31

I would suggest you to use http streaming for long request

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I would suggest taking advantage of the recent CORS support. I tried to detail clearly how to use it there : http://pjambet.github.com/blog/direct-upload-to-s3/

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