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I have a specific column (description) in a particular table. I used bulk loading to insert data in table, but in retrieving data it's giving an error because of this column (description).

The problem is occuring due to ' in description (like 12' height). So how can I remove this ' in that column?

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There is no reason that should give an error. Please post the actual error along with the code that generates the error. –  Gabe Oct 9 '12 at 5:30

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[Is sounds like you are running some kind of script that fails when it tries to insert a value with a single quote in its value, between two quotes in code or dynamic sql. Your problem won't be in the database, it will be where you are processing it. A quick hack would be to run an update replace. In this case I am deleting your empty quotes.

Update [tablename] set [description] = replace([description],char(39),'')
where [description] like '%' + char(39) + '%'

However this is just a hack....your problem is somewhere else where you are retrieving and processing the data

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