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So I have a deployment project based on WIX. I notice that you can include features and files in there. However I only want to deploy a particular file if the DEV/QA environment is selected. If they select Production I want it to ignore this particular file.

Is there a way in the .wxi file to conditionally include a feature / directory & files based on a particular value of a variable?

ie. I want to have something like the below - potentially the componentRef included dynamically? (I have sanitised the values).

<Feature Id="MyApplication" Title="MyApp" Description="My Application" ConfigurableDirectory="MYAPP" Level="1">
      <ComponentRef Id="AppEmailTemplatesDir" />

and then further down

<Directory Id="EmailTemplatesDir" Name="EmailTemplates">
    <Component Id="AppEmailTemplatesDir" Guid="{A-GUID}">
         <File Id="EmailTemplate1.htm" Name="EmailTemplate1.htm" DiskId="1" Source="..\..\EmailTemplates\EmailTemplate1.htm" />

Any ideas? We do have custom Actions code (VB.NET) but I'm not sure how that could be used apart from writing code to include files.

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Do you need to conditionally include the files in the output package? Or, include ALL the files, but then conditionally install some of those? The answer depends on this – Yan Sklyarenko Oct 9 '12 at 9:05
When I install - if the user selects QA or DEV as the environment I want to include the files in the installation. If they select PRODUCTION then I don't want to include the files (ie. I don't want to overwrite any files that are currently there on production). So I'm not trying to exclude individual files - I either want all the files or I don't want any based on the environment. Hope that helps clarify :) – Jen Oct 9 '12 at 23:17
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Looks like I can use a Component NeverOverwriteOption="yes" option to ensure the installer doesn't overwrite the files when they exists.

Unless the environment conditional stuff was easy to figure out - this seems to achieve what I need which is to not overwrite the file on production.

I also found that on uninstall it was deleting all the folders (as expected) but to keep the template path I could use the Permanent="yes" attribute.

After discussion we've decided to keep all the files in source control and deploy them. But at least I learnt about NeverOverwriteOption and Permanent :)

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