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I am converting C api > Java, and I have the following function prototype.

 Retrieves an individual field value from the current Line
 \param reader pointer to Text Reader object.
 \param field_num relative field [aka column] index: first field has index 0.
 \param type on completion this variable will contain the value type.
 \param value on completion this variable will contain the current field value.
 \return 0 on failure: any other value on success.

extern int gaiaTextReaderFetchField (gaiaTextReaderPtr reader, int field_num, int *type, const char **value);

I would like to get the status returned as expected, return the "type" as an int and "value" as a string (not to be deallocated)

From documentation I have found that you create a couple of structs that can retain the returned values.

Could someone please help make this first one with me?

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Assuming your function declaration exists in a file called header.h you can do something like:

%module test

#include "header.h"

%inline %{
  struct FieldFetch {
    int status;
    int type;
    char *value;

  struct FieldFetch gaiaTextReaderFetchField(gaiaTextReaderPtr reader, int field_num) {
    struct FieldFetch result;
    result.status = gaiaTextReaderFetchField(reader, field_num, &result.type, &result.value);
    return result;

%ignore gaiaTextReaderFetchField;
%include "header.h"

This hides the "real" gaiaTextReaderFetchField and instead substitutes a version that returns both of the output parameters and the result of the call in an (unmodifiable) struct.

(You could make the return status being 0 cause an exception to be thrown instead if you'd rather, using %javaexception instead of placing it in the struct)

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Hi @Flexo, I have only just returned to this recently and I have another issue with the gaiaTextReaderPtr struct. I was hoping maybe you could help me again, it is another piece to the puzzle. I have created a seperate question for this:… – Hank Jan 3 '13 at 3:29

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