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In my database, I used gregorian Date. I want to insert hijri date. How can it be done or is there any problem with it. I used hibernate and JPA.

e.g. 2/30/1433 is hijri date. However, february is at most 29 days. In that case, is there any error?

best regards

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I guess the best is convert hijri to gregorian. It is not important to convert correctly, if it can be reconvert to same hijri date.

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PostgreSQL stores only Gregorian calendar dates for the modern period in the DATE, TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE and TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE objects. See the documentation for date/time types which states:

Dates are counted according to the Gregorian calendar, even in years before that calendar was introduced (see Section B.4 for more information).

For pre-Gregorian dates see B.4 datetime units history. this mailing list thread may also be useful.

If you want support for calendars other than the Gregorian calendar you need to find a PostgreSQL extension that understands the desired calendar or you need to store the dates as plain text strings in the DB.

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