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I'm still quite new to ruby but have been stuck on this problem for half a day.

I have an array of dates in integer form (e.g. [1351136194, 1350142662, 1350118879]) and I'm trying to turn it into an array containing the number of occurrences per day for the next 30 days.

Basically, I want to be able to query e.g. array[0] for the number of dates within today's range, array[1] for tomorrow etc.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Something like this should work. Basically you convert the times to dates, then group them so you can easily identify duplicates. Then create the array:

times = [1351136194, 1350142662, 1350118879]
dates = times.map{|t| Time.at(t).to_date}
occurences = dates.group_by{|d| d}
occurences_by_day = (Date.today..(Date.today + 30)).map{|d| occurences[d] ? occurences[d].size : 0}
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arr = [1351136194, 1350142662, 1350118879]
hash = {}

arr.each do |int_date|
    date = Time.at(int_date).strftime("%d-%b-%Y")
    hash.has_key?(date) ? hash[date] += 1 : hash[date] = 1

puts hash #{"25-Oct-2012"=>1, "13-Oct-2012"=>2}
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