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In ASP.Net MVC 3 I have a Controller and View with a portion of the view's html in a <div> whose text I would like to swap out, depending on some action-- a button press, for instance.

Assuming my view has two <div>s, the top being the part I'd like to swap out based on an input element in the lower <div> being selected, what is a good way to asynchronously do this? jQuery and ajax are welcome for the task though not required.

[edit] I should have mentioned originally, I'd like to render the content of the asynchronous by calling a partial view or something similar. Unfortunately I'm a little new to that and was hoping for quick guidance on how (if?) to call a partial view using ajax or other such techniques.

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This is relatively simple.

<input type="button" onclick="$('div#id').html('the new html');" />

where id is the id you have assigned to your div. Or you can use any other selector to chose the correct div.

Examples here:

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Looks good, thank you. – larryq Oct 9 '12 at 12:44

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