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Last time I ask a question: IE9 decode error on HTML5 video of mp4 file. However, the problem still exists there. I never run Windows media player before when I asked that quesiton. Later, I run Windows media player and strange things happens, if the source is a local video file in video tag, IE9 can play it. But if the source is a remote url, IE9 still gives a blank screen and doesn't play the video. (I've tested same html page with remote video source file on other computers, they all can play the video correctly)

Can anyone figure out why?

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I think no answer for this quesiton. It seems IE and Win7's co-op problem since one day I run Windows media player (never run it before, though) and video can be played but then after few days the problem comes back.

Since people mostly only add comment but not answer, so I answer myself to close this problem. Ya! How can I close a question? Hm....

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