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I am using Python Nose and would like to print the type of the test ran, like whether it is a Doctest or unittest or so? How can this be done?


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You can create your own plugin to change the printed name of the test. Then, when you use the verbose flag the test type will print. Try something like this:

from nose.plugins import Plugin
import doctest

class CustomName(Plugin):
    def describeTest(self, test):
        if isinstance(test, doctest.DocTestCase):
            return "Doctest: %s" % test
            return "Unittest: %s" % test

After installing it, run it like:

nosetests --with-customname -sv test_directory

Be warned, this is untested.

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Using --with-doctests implies that you're running doctests. Anything outside of a doctest can be considered a unit test. AFAIK, they're not mutually exclusive, so you can't strictly tell which you're running if you've enabled --with-doctests.

Having said that, doctests generally are a form of unit test, so I'm not quite sure what end you're trying to achieve with this.

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Thanks. Do you know of a way to run only either of doctests or unittests using Nose? – vinay polisetti Oct 9 '12 at 10:48
You can run nose on a specific file, effectively removing any externally defined unit tests. – Demian Brecht Oct 9 '12 at 13:57
You should also be able to limit the test type using the matching/nonmatching regex or using attribute matching. – dbw Dec 18 '12 at 7:01

This might be a little fragile. But note that nosetests are just on top of unittest

import inspect

def is_nose_test():
    assert "nose" in inspect.stack()[1][1]
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