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when browse button is clicked on the wpselectdir wizard, the pop-up window is not displaying "make new folder". In the help, they say if the DefaultDirName is set to no, it causes a Make New Folder button to appear on the dialog. I tried to set as no in the [setup] section, which didnt work. Please help.

Note: I created a wizard page from CreateInputDirPage, where in i have the option to make it display, which is working fine.

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The Browse For Folder dialog's Make New Folder button visibility has a special rule to be there. You must have AppendDefaultDirName directive explicitly set to no since by default is yes. As a consequence, it will disable automatic adding a path to the selected folder but there's no other way to get Make New Folder button visible (checked in InnoSetup source):

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Thanks a lot :) – anand Oct 9 '12 at 7:44
The reason that this is the case is that with AppendDefaultDirName=yes then it will usually always result in creating a new folder anyway, so there's no need to create a new one as the destination. (You are actually selecting the parent folder, not the real target folder.) – Miral Oct 10 '12 at 20:08

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