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I am planning to write a pre commit hook in svn for validating the code formatting before checkin to the svn repo. I am using eclipse as my IDE and have set up custom code formatting rules and all of my team members are using the xml to format the java code.

However, I need to validate in the pre-commit of svn that the checkin meets the code format that is being defined. The eclipse code formatter exports the formatting rules in an xml. In the pre-commit hook I am planning to write a shell script which should validate the file to be checked in against the code format xml.

Could you please let me know how to get this implemented.

Regards, Pradeep

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It's not specifically a pre-commit hook, but this is what I've started using:


You could wrap the format task as a pre-commit hook I'd imagine. I use it to format every time I do a "mvn package" (follow their examples on how to do this). You'll be able to use the same Eclipse formatting rules that you've been using. It's pretty darned slick.

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