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I've an application that used flash player that run in Webview. I would like to switch to AIR player because flash is going out, and also I would like to use RTMPE or HLS, AES for providing video content to my player.

  • Do I need to rewrite my app to AIR?
  • Is it posible to leave my app as it is and somehow call external AIR player?
  • Is it posible to run AIR player in webview?
  • Is there any other solution to play RTMPE or HLS AES on android devices?
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I'm developing an Android app in java that uses Wowza Media Server and Red5. My app is in Java and it uses a JAVA RTMP client library (These exist in other languages as well, php, etc.) it can be used in both android and other java platforms.

I use this open source library http://sourceforge.net/projects/rtmpjavaclient/ Haven't found any issues with it yet using RTMP, I'm not sure if it supports RTMPE, if not, search google for a RTMPE java client.

Hope this helps!

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