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I create linq query where display result from 2 table. Where table 1 is main table and table 2 is child table below are the linq query

var data = from k in main.v_promo_countries
           where k.cd == cd //passing parameter
           select new
              promoid = k.id,
              des = k.destination,
              o_des = k.origin_country,
              c_f = k.conn_flg,
              price = from pro in main.tbl_promotion_pricings
                      where pro.promotion_id == k.id
                      select new
                         mid = k.id,
                         id = pro.promotion_id, 
                         currency = pro.currency_cd,
                         amount = pro.amount

the result return with main table id not same as child id. Whats wrong?

sample result on json format

  "promoid": "D096F78B-6931-4525-8578-6B23A9564EDF",
  "des": "KUL",
  "o_des": "np",
  "c_f": "N",
  "price": [
      "mid": "D096F78B-6931-4525-8578-6B23A9564EDF",
      "id": "D096F78B-6931-4525-8578-6B23A9564EDF",
      "currency": "P-AU$",
      "amount": -1.0000
      "mid": "D096F78B-6931-4525-8578-6B23A9564EDF",
      "id": "D096F78B-6931-4525-8578-6B23A9564EDF",
      "currency": "P-RM",
      "amount": -1.0000
      "mid": "CB7734E7-07D0-4E2A-908F-6C8D6EBD8B95",
      "id": "CB7734E7-07D0-4E2A-908F-6C8D6EBD8B95",
      "currency": "AU$",
      "amount": 82.0000
      "mid": "C9377266-8DCD-4DB4-8FCE-CA1632935DC5",
      "id": "C9377266-8DCD-4DB4-8FCE-CA1632935DC5",
      "currency": "USD",
      "amount": 55.0000
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"the result return with main table id now same as child id" - yes, that's what you've required in "where pro.promotion_id == k.id", as best I can tell. It doesn't help that your question is very unclear. –  Jon Skeet Oct 9 '12 at 7:28
sorry not same as child id. –  Nazrul Mizuar Oct 9 '12 at 7:30
Well, the question is still pretty unclear. If you could show some sample results you're getting, that would be useful. Note that your price property is still a sequence of values, which seems somewhat odd... –  Jon Skeet Oct 9 '12 at 7:34
add the sample result –  Nazrul Mizuar Oct 9 '12 at 7:41
Are you sure the problem is not somewhere else, like in the code that build your Json representation? Do you see the same behavior if you inspect your query result from the debugger? –  Wasp Oct 9 '12 at 8:21

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